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Hi, I’m Eglė 👋

I draw realistic and stylized portraits as well as various environments. It’s a hobby of mine. I can draw you or for your project, too. Commissions open!
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android animal anime asian avatar back-view backpack baltic black black-and-white black-hair blond-hair blonde blonde-hair blood blue blue-eyes blue-hair blue-skin brown-eyes brown-hair bust bw city closed-eyes clouds commission confidence cozy creative creepy crop-top curly dark deppy depression dodie drawing dress earth environment fanart fashion featured florei flowers food full-body furniture girl glasses gold green green-eyes green-hair grey-hair guy hat headphones hoodie human humanoid immersive landscape lars light light-brown-hair long-hair love man mc-market mermaid mountains nature oc orange orange-hair people pink planet plants portrait pretty profile-pic purple realistic red red-hair room rose scary self-portrait semi-realistic sheep simple siren sky space space-buns stars steven-universe su succulents suit sunset superhero thunderstorms tree underwater white white-clothing white-eyes white-hair witch yellow yellow-eyes youtuber