I can draw you

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I’m Eglė, a high school student and self-taught artist currently based in Lithuania. I mostly specialize in creating realistic and stylized portraits as well as various environments.

Not only do I enjoy making art, but on my spare time I also take great pleasure in researching human psychology, discovering new music, playing games, and hanging out with my friends on Discord.



What are commissions?

Commissions are paid drawings that you would receive from an artist. You can use my art for personal use (like for prints or avatars). When given me proper credit (by linking to me) my art is not meant for resale/editing.

What are your usual prices?

They range from €30 to €60. It really depends on how much detail you want in the drawing. I will never make you pay anything without agreeing on a price with you before starting the commission. Afterwards I take full payment upfront.

How do I get a drawing from you?

Reach out & give me a specific and clear description of what type of art you would like to buy. Also providing a picture for reference would be helpful. Then I will look over the details and respond with more information.